Durable, high-quality grinding wheels from us! We are offering grinding wheels in following measures:
CBN wheel 203x32 mm
CBN wheel 150x20 mm
CBN wheel 127x12,7 mm
Wheel profiles: WM 10/30, 9/29, 4/32, 13/29, Wintersteiger, Dakin-Flathers Ripper, Munkfors, Armoth, Lenox, Fenes, Roma, Wintersteiger and others.

Grinding wheels what we offer: 
 - Very long working life
 - Provides excellent grinded teeth surface finish
 - Eliminates micro cracks in the band saw
 - Different grain roughness can be supplied

Delivery for standard wheels is 2-10 working day, but we will specify for each order separately!
Ordering and more information: info@aiataht.ee or Phone: +372 5150688