We offer quality bandsaw blades from leading European manufacturers : Banso, Dakin-Flathers, Armoth jt.

Dimensions for bandsaw blades:

  • Sawblade tip lenght 22 mm and sawblade thickness 1,1 (1,0) mm
  • Sawblade width on 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 41 mm, 51 mm.

Meie tänased kliendid, keda saelintidega varustame, kasutavad järgmiste tootjate erinevaid lintsaeraamide mudeleid: Wirex, Wood-Mizer, Pilous, Lennartfors, Norwood, Talsu, Serra jt.

In Aiatäht Tallinn store warehouse you can get right away following bandsaw blades with dimensions:
3102x32x1,1 – 22 mm
3564x35x1,1  - 22 mm
3652x32x1,1  - 22 mm
4004x32x1,1 – 22 mm
4004x35x1,1 – 22 mm
4004x38x1,1 – 22 mm
4004x38x1,1  - 22 mm (Full tempered)  
4004x40x1,1 - 22 mm
4262x40x1,1  - 22 mm
4800x40x1,1  - 22 mm    

Send us your request about bandsaw blades with blade dimensions and we will make you concrete offer.
Bandsaw blade prices start from 19.- euro/piece

In addition for sawblade sale:

In case if you need, please do not hesitate to consult with Aiatäht representative about suitable blade for you. We answer for your questions and take blades orders:

  • E-mail: info@aiataht.ee
  • Phone: (+372) 53803495

After confirmation of the order we give blades out in Aiatäht stores or send it for you with post.